The mindsoul way of life emphasizes present-moment awareness, intentional attention, and non-judgmental acceptance of thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It requires attention to both the mind and soul, as they work together to create a sense of inner peace and harmony. By prioritizing both aspects of the self, we can achieve a greater sense of balance, fulfillment, and well-being.
How is Mindsoul Meditation different from our competition?

Handmade on Demand

Our products are uniquely made to order, which eliminates the need for warehousing and minimizes overproduction that contributes to landfill waste. We take pride in using eco-friendly materials, including recycled fabrics, to reduce our environmental impact. Please note that our commitment to sustainability may result in slightly longer shipping times for our products. 
Environmentally Sustainable

We use Recycled Polyester

Did you know that recycled polyester is made by melting down plastic and re-spinning it into new polyester fiber? For instance, it only takes five water bottles to produce enough fiber for one T-shirt. Pretty cool, right?

Diverting plastic from landfills is an excellent approach. By producing recycled polyester, we use fewer resources than making new fibers, and the process also generates 32% fewer CO2 emissions.

Recycled polyester is just as high quality as virgin polyester, but its production uses significantly fewer resources. In fact, creating recycled polyester requires 59% less energy than making virgin polyester. 
How are our clothes made?

Take a look at what our productions process looks like:

Join us on a journey of meditation and self-empowerment. 

Explore the realm of Ethereal Meditation and connect with your higher being / angelic presence

Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body with a Crystal Sound Bath and Serene Nature Sounds

The Ultimate Relaxing and Energizing Meditation Experience for 2023

Third Eye Chakra Beta Waves - Intuition, Clarity and Self-Awareness (Enlightenment for 2023)

Crown Chakra Beta Waves - Universal Flow of Energy and Spiritual Awakening

8Hz Binaural - Powerful Alpha Waves to boost Creativity and Learning - Thunder - Throat Chakra

25 Hz Binaural Beta Waves - Heart Chakra - Inner Love, Healing and Transformation

15 Minutes Binaural Beats - Root chakra, Theta Waves, Deep Meditation, Visualization

15 Minute Mindful Meditation - Fire, Solar Plexus Chakra, ASMR, Empowerment, Sleep

15 Minute Mindful Meditation - Water, Sacral Chakra, ASMR, Reduce Anxiety, Sleep